Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...Reaching Out and Into the Light...

...Please Make Time For This...

...The Wait...

A few days ago I was informed of a close family member being admitted into the hospital and as some of you may know from my other posts, my mother had also been admitted. My mom is home now, and better, and they never found the source of the internal bleeding. Strange, but true.
Now, this news of another family member is more serious and requires any and all attention you can allow me today, and everyday until she is better. Never would you ever think that a person at 36 years old would go into the hospital and be told that she has stage 4 lung cancer when she thought she was suffering from only a severe headache. The world has shattered into a zillion pieces.


There are no other thoughts (things) than positive, strong and encouraging thoughts that should be traveling towards her as she begins the process of healing and treatment that will enable her to recover. There is no room for hope to be lost, for fear to overshadow, for weakness to take hold. There is no time to allow the dance of doubt to spend any time involved in this situation. Miracles are miracles because we make them so.
I know you don't know me. I know that you have your own troubles and illness and death to deal with. I also know that if you asked me, I would also come and lend my energy and time from my life to add to the cosmic consciousness that is involved in All things. We ARE ALL ONE. We are all worried about what becomes of us when our flesh and blood cease to be. We all wish that we had done things differently and we go on making mistakes. We have done things that we are guilty for and of, we have been ashamed of our bad habits and our less than noble attitudes.
When it comes to the very thin, frail line between Life and Death, we are willing to make any sacrifice to reverse those things. We make a deal with a Force that we know is Larger than us, because this Force is the only thing left when reality becomes unreal. We want to pour out our entire selves onto the floor and sift through the contents so we can remove those things that we want to take back and do over.


No matter what or who you call it, God/Goddess/Universal Intelligence/Spirit/Angels/Devils...there is indeed the invisible current that affects the way we operate, the way we believe or deny, the way we move through our days and nights. The way we base our behavior. The way we decide what is right, what is wrong and how we react to everyone, every day. I want to believe that the coming of 2012 is the change we wish to see in the world...or rather, the changes...and I also believe that coming forward to spend a moment of energy directing light and healing towards a stranger to you, and a family member to me, is something we can agree will make all of us better in the end.
I am deeply grateful for your attention and your help in sending anything at all. If you know the family personally, I am sure they would be grateful knowing you are sending love and light and if you are able to contact them or send anything or would like to, please contact me privately through my email: ...
Lighting a candle for the Gombas family (Steve, Debbie, Tori) in your local church or your sacred space, or your kitchen windowsill - anywhere...will add to the light that is urgently needed to help Debbie heal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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